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Employer Activities

We offer a range of opportunities to engage students and raise the profile of your brand.

In view of Covid-19, Loughborough University will be focussing on a digital and virtual programme of activities for organisations to engage with students.

We will continue to monitor the C-19 situation closely and follow government advice. 

Virtual Mock Assessment Centres

Careers Network has been running a highly successful programme of Mock Assessment Centre workshops over the past few years on campus, delivered in collaboration with many respected employers. Unsurprisingly, this year mock assessment centres will be virtual. 

Working with Careers Network staff, Employers are invited to contribute a segment in an opening talk with tips and advice for assessment centres, deliver a realistic group exercise of their choice during a 1 hour breakout session, and then reconvene to take part in a short Q&A session.

The Mock Assessment Centre workshops have been arranged for the following dates during the Autumn Term (evenings).

  • 27th October
  • 3rd November
  • 10th November
  • 17th November
  • 24th November

If your organisation is interested in supporting Careers Network at one or more of these events, please contact us at and we’ll send you further details.

Employer Presentations

Employer presentations are a great opportunity to virtually introduce students to your company. They provide the opportunity for you to present live in front of a large audience your company offer. Presenters can talk through the opportunities that are available and talk through your recruitment process.

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Q&A Sessions

Holding a virtual question and answer session is a convenient and efficient opportunity to meet with a number of students on an individual basis, in an informal online setting.

Q&A sessions can be hosted through our university platform Pubble (which is a messenger service), Microsoft Teams or your own software. Students will visit the page and be able to ask questions.

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Skills Sessions

Delivering a virtual workshop skills session is a great way to meet motivated students who are maximising their skill set and have the necessary knowledge to succeed in the recruitment process.

These online sessions are an opportunity for you to upskill students and receive better quality applications. You may wish to focus on a topic or part of your recruitment process or a skill, competency or strength where you believe applicants from Loughborough require support.

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Recruiter in Residence

This is an opportunity to meet one to one in 15/20 minute appointments with students who are interested in working at your organisation and are keen to understand a little more about the company, and will involve a recruiter providing any further insight into the organisation and support with applications.

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Target Emails

For information on further promoting your opportunities or events, including our Target Email service, please click here