Academic Language Support Service

English Language Support

Workshops and courses

The Academic Language Support Service offers a range of support in academic and general English as well as study skills specifically aimed at and designed for students who are non-native speakers of English. We are here to help you develop the English language and study skills that you will need to succeed on your academic programme and in your future career.

English for Academic Study

We offer a selection of English for Academic Study sessions, including writing, citation, speaking, vocabulary and grammar within an academic context.

These single sessions are open to all international students at all levels of study across the university.

You can book via our LUA010 English Language Support Learn module.

Vacation Classes

Half day sessions focussing on writing and speaking are a great study option for students staying in Loughborough over the Christmas or Easter vacation period.

You can book via our LUA010 English Language Support Learn module.

Workshops for doctoral researchers

ALSS runs a series of workshops on writing during semester 1 and semester 2 specifically for doctoral researchers. The workshops focus on the language and communication characteristics of advanced academic writing. They are classified under RDF Domain A (Academic Literacy). To sign up for these workshops, locate the following titles in LEARN.

  • Exploring Academic Writing Style - Part 1
  • Exploring Academic Writing Style - Part 2
  • Exploring Structures and Features of Research Articles
  • Exploring Research Article Abstracts
  • Exploring Research Article Introductions
  • Exploring Research Article Methods Sections
  • Exploring Research Article Results Sections
  • Exploring Research Article Discussion Sections

Everyday English

There are several options if you wish to improve your ability to understand and communicate in everyday English, for example, survival English and understanding slang. You don’t need to commit to more than one session and these can be booked via our Learn module.

If you would prefer something a little more formal, you could consider joining the Certificated Course in General English.  It usually runs over 6 to 8 weeks in semester 1 and 2 and classes are twice a week. Course materials are of an advanced level and there is an exam in the final week.  You can find further information on our Learn module.

The Speaking Club

The Speaking Club is aimed specifically at international students who wish to practise their speaking skills and make new friends at Loughborough campus. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed to participate confidently in day-to-day discussions and interactions. Content to discuss includes cultural awareness within British contexts and gives students a chance to share their own culture with other participants.

You can book a place via our LUA010 English Language Support Learn module.

Business Communication

This series of workshops focus on language needed to communicate within an English speaking business context.  Sessions include the language of socialising and networking, emails and business letters, meetings and negotiation.

You can book via our LUA010 English Language Support Learn module.

General English Course for Dependants

This intermediate level general English course is aimed specifically at dependants (husbands, wives or partners) of Loughborough University students who already speak some English.

The course focusses on situations that individuals may encounter from day to day. The classes are based on communication and include topics such as telephone communication, informal English, how to write a CV, the language of interviews, going to the doctor, etc.  Aspects of British culture are explored and students are given the opportunity to share information about their own culture with their classmates and tutors. It is an ideal opportunity for dependants to meet other people as well as to share experiences. 

You can book via our LUA010 English Language Support Learn module.