Academic Language Support Service

Academic Writing Support


You can register for single session workshops for undergraduate students on different aspects of academic writing. Sessions include Coherence in Writing, Using Supporting Evidence and Summarising and Paraphrasing.  Book onto a session via Learn module LUA001 Study Skills.

ALSS also runs a series of workshops on writing during semester 1 and semester 2 specifically for doctoral researchers. The workshops focus on the language and communication characteristics of advanced academic writing. They are classified under RDF Domain A (Academic Literacy). To sign up for these workshops, locate the following titles in LEARN.

  • Exploring Academic Writing Style - Part 1
  • Exploring Academic Writing Style - Part 2
  • Exploring Structures and Features of Research Articles
  • Exploring Research Article Abstracts
  • Exploring Research Article Introductions
  • Exploring Research Article Methods Sections
  • Exploring Research Article Results Sections
  • Exploring Research Article Discussion Sections