Recent Advances in Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

This event will be held in Burleigh Court at Loughborough University 29-30 August 2023.

Recent Advances in Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

This is a two-day event focussing on recent developments in the field, to be held in the Wye conference room in Burleigh Court.


Stephen Clark (Bristol), Aydin Deger (UCL), Juan P. Garrahan (Nottingham), Adam Smith (Nottingham), Zlatko Papic (Leeds), Hanna Price (Birmingham), Sthitadhi Roy (ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru), Petros Wallden (Edinburgh),


Tuesday 29/08

0930-1030: Papic: Quantum simulation of many-body scarring in a Bose-Hubbard optical lattice
1030-1130: Deger: TBA
1130-1200: coffee break
1200-1300: Clark: Giant rectification in strongly interacting tilted boundary driven systems
1300-1400: lunch
1400-1500: Wallden: Adiabatic quantum computing with parameterized quantum circuits
1500-1530: coffee break
1530-1630: Discussions

Workshop dinner: starting at 1800, at Burleigh Court

Tuesday 30/08

0930-1030: Garrahan: Hydrophobicity in deterministic circuits
1030-1130: Smith: Entanglement transitions in unitary circuit games
1130-1200: coffee break
1200-1300: Roy: On the connection between dynamics on Hilbert/Fock space and spin autocorrelation
1300-1400: lunch


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