Interviews: What to expect

What to expect when interviewing for a professional services role


You can normally expect to receive a weeks’ notice of the interview date.  If you cannot make the date, please let us know and we will try to make alternative arrangements if possible.

All candidates are welcome to bring notes into the interview and you may want to prepare by thinking about areas of your previous experience that you will want to highlight to the panel.

The interview

The Interview Panel will have a minimum of two interviewers, and we aim to always have a gender-diverse panel.  It is likely that each panel member will ask you a couple of questions.  If you don’t hear the question or would like it to be repeated, please say so.

All candidates will be asked the same questions which are designed to review your skills and abilities as listed in the Person Specification and how you may react to standard situations common to the role as outlined in the Job Description. Successful candidates will be able to give some examples from their prior work or study when answering questions.

We sometimes include a test as part of the interview process.  The Person Specification will indicate which skills we are looking to review in the test and details will be provided in the invitation to interview.

We always give candidates an opportunity to ask questions, again you may want to prepare some in advance and can bring notes of those questions in.


At the end of the interview, we will double-check your preferred contact details and we will try to call back all candidates, including those who were unsuccessful.

If you are a successful candidate and verbally accept the job, we will then contact your referees.

Reasonable adjustments

We want to make sure that the interview process allows you to show all your skills and experiences, if you have a disability that may impact this, please get in touch with us and we can discuss reasonable adjustments to the process.  Any disabilities will not be considered when making decisions on whom to appoint.