Kristopher Dolton


  • Doctoral Researcher

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Having completed a BEng(Hons) undergraduate degree in Automotive engineering with Motorsports technology, and then progressing in industry as a project manager for UNICO UK Ltd for industrially scaled Drives/test control systems and working with large component test houses such as Millbrook proving grounds for large OEM's such as JLR, it was a natural progression to want to gain a PhD in control systems to develop his skills and knowledge further.





Title of thesis: Hardware-in-Loop and Robust Control Related to Industrial Standards

Hardware-in-Loop testing provides many opportunities in engineering to progress/enhance system modelling and testing applications which will improve the time scales and safety of products to market. The intended impact would be to improve the modelling and test procedures used in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and rail. This will ensure a robust system controller is delivered to market and ultimately improve active systems' safety, comfort and efficiency.