Martin obtained a diploma in electrical engineering specialising in process control and automation technologies in Magdeburg, Germany. This was followed by joining CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology) in 2007 to start a PhD on fast power and energy rating of photovoltaic devices. Since 2011 he has worked as a research associate in CREST in the Applied Photovoltaics group at the CREST within the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

His interests include various aspects of photovoltaic device characterisation and performance and the development of indoor and outdoor PV measurement systems and device characterisation techniques.

His current research activities focus on the development and optimisation of the LED-based solar simulator in CREST and on indoor device performance measurements under varying spectrum, irradiance and device operating temperature for energy yield prediction. Furthermore, his current research is looking into degradation and seasonal variations of amorphous silicon PV devices.


  • Characterisation of photovoltaic (PV) devices and modules
  • Indoor characterisation techniques for PV devices
  • PV performance measurements for energy rating and energy yield prediction
  • PV measurement system design and testing
  • Condition monitoring of PV systems
  • Development of automated measurement methods
  • Simulation of measurement techniques
  • Ageing and seasonal variations of PV devices
  • Process control and automation


Main research interests

  • Automated measurement methods
  • Characterisation of single- and multi-junction solar cells
  • Indoor measurements of device performance at varying irradiance spectrum, light intensity and device operating temperature for energy yield prediction
  • LED-based solar simulator development and optimisation
  • Degradation and seasonal effects of amorphous silicon solar cells


Selected Publications

Bliss, M., Betts, T.R. and Gottschalg, R., ''Indoor Measurement of Photovoltaic Device Characteristics at Varying Irradiance, Temperature and Spectrum for Energy Rating'', Measurement Science and Technology, 21(11), September 2010, pp 115701 (1-11), ISSN 0957-0233.

M. Bliss, T.R. Betts and R. Gottschalg, ''An LED-based Photovoltaic Measurement System with Variable Spectrum and Flash Speed'', Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 93(6+7), June 2009, pp 825-830, ISSN 0927 0248.

M. Bliss, T.R. Betts and R. Gottschalg, ''Advantages in using LEDS as the main light source in solar simulators for measuring PV device characteristics'', Reliability of Photovoltaic Cells, Modules, Components and Systems, 7048, Neelkanth G. Dhere, SPIE, SPIE Optics & Photonics 2008, San Diego, CA, USA, August 2008, pp 07-1 to 07-11, ISBN 97808 1947 2687.