Student designs sun cream monitor that takes the guesswork out of protecting kids' skin

‘Sunny’ has two applicators shaped like astronauts (complete with space helmet-shaped lids) and a rocket-shaped docking station.

Parents and guardians may soon bid farewell to the nagging worry of missed spots when applying sun cream to their children's skin, thanks to an invention by a Loughborough University student.

Poppy Topping, a recent Product Design and Technology graduate, is the brains behind ‘Sunny’, an innovative sun cream applicator and monitor that is designed to show you in real-time where you might have ‘missed a bit’.

Recognising the alarming statistics that 40-50% of total UV damage occurs before the age of 20, Poppy felt compelled to address the issue by creating a device that not only protects children but also provides them with a sense of ownership over their sun protection habits.