Have you had a productive day?

A video work by artist and writer, El Morgan ‘Have you had a productive day?’ explores vulnerability, interdependence and the messy crossings of human and animal bodies.

El was invited by the Serpentine Gallery to create a new work in response to the Tomás Saraceno exhibition at the gallery called Web(s) of Life, a living, collaborative and multi-species exhibition that delves into how different life forms, technologies and energy systems are connected in the climate emergency.

Inspiration came from the immediate environment around El by looking at creatures making, including humans, and exploring things from fungal infections to writhing worms. The title refers to a question her mum would ask at the end of each day, and how as an artist she would often feel unproductive.

“In the video there are jumping spiders, singing babies and some sound effects from The Crystal Maze. It's a glitchy collage of animals eating, making, and doing nothing. Some of the close-up shots of larvae were made with the help of my colleagues using the amazing microscopes in the Materials Department at Loughborough.”

Read more about El and her work on the Serpentine Gallery website.