Student designs handheld device that aims to detect sports-related concussions in 10 seconds and prevent long-term health problems

A handheld device designed to detect sports-related concussions in under 10 seconds has been prototyped by an innovative Loughborough University student in a bid to protect players of all levels from long-term health problems.

Joel Poulter, a recent Product Design graduate, hopes ‘CONTACT’ will provide a non-subjective, rapid assessment of concussions so decisions can be made on the field to prioritise player safety.

CONTACT allows for a fast evaluation of concussions by detecting abnormal changes in a person's pupils.

It does this by shining a light into the user’s eyes and measuring factors such as pupil size, how rapidly they constrict, and the speed at which their eyes respond to the light stimulus.

The results are compared to the player's usual pupil readings – captured prior to playing – to determine if they have sustained a concussion.