Industrial Design graduate selected to showcase safety device at Prototypes for Humanity event in Dubai

Recent Industrial Design graduate, Megan Snepvangers has been selected to exhibit her final year project, SAFEX at the Prototypes for Humanity 2022 event held in Dubai on the 16 and 17 November 2022.

Prototypes for Humanity brings together innovations that have the power to change the world, and the event aims to raise awareness of global problems, celebrate solutions, and catalyze action for positive social and environmental impact, today and in the future.

Participating graduate projects offer audiences the opportunity to enter a universe of academic ingenuity rarely seem outside the campus through the work of young minds addressing complex issues around the world.

SAFEX is a safety headwear device and was designed by Megan Snepvangers as her final year project to help users independently escape toxic smoke from high-rise buildings. The device provides unique and potentially life-saving features to help aid immediate escape, including up-to 2-hours of filtered air, and reflective beacons.

In her Degree Show entry, Megan explains that:

“The government has forgotten about the risks that people living in rise-rise buildings still face. There is a real breakdown in trust between the establishment and occupant of high-rise buildings which means fire safety remains on the back burner.

I have chosen this project because it struck a chord post-Grenfell and as I’ve grown up only 10 minutes away from Lakanal house. And I saw that this was a problem that still hadn’t been properly addressed for these vulnerable users."

More information about Megan’s project can be viewed on the Degree Show website here.