Doctoral researcher launches 'Study in Pink' exhibition

A close up of some of Petra's artwork

Doctoral Researcher Petra Salaric's project 'Study in Pink' aims to show how emotional experiences that occur through interaction can be conveyed with a singular shape and one colour.

Petra during an interaction on the performance day

The project was split into a performance and an exhibition. During the performance, Petra produced paintings that represented her experience of silent interactions with each visitor. Each painting consisted of a circular shape and a pink colour, thus turning the exposing and vulnerable experience of self-disclosure into a self-healing and grounding moment due to the grounding influence of a circle and the calming effect of pink colour.

"Emotions are experiences that are within us. They can be created by themselves, or they can appear through interaction with others and with our surrounding. However, we are often not aware of the influence we have on others, nor do we get to see the emotions that we create within them."

The exhibition displays the paintings as a timeline visitor interactions with artist Petra on the first and performing day. The project provides an opportunity for the large Loughborough community to rethink the impact we can have on one another, as well as how much of our impact on others goes unrecorded. The exhibition aims to trigger us to be more mindful of our behaviours towards others, and to become aware and be grateful to those that have a positive influence on our lives.

Petra's exhibition will be running in Martin Hall Exhibition Space until 21 May (weekdays only, 10:00-12:00.)