Art and Design students collaborate with Joshibi University for ‘Cultivate’ exhibition


This year’s Art and Design Foundation Studies Postcard Exhibition aims to celebrate and develop shared global and individual lived experiences, exploring the visual possibilities and concepts of the theme, ‘Cultivate’.

‘Cultivate’ is a conclusion to a one-week project development by our students and students from Joshibi University (Japan). These responses are supported by extensive visual explorations and sketch book work.

This is the 8th year of this continued collaboration with Joshibi University (Japan). We are proud to continue to cultivate and enrich the bonds between our two universities, our cohorts of students and personal friendships within our staff teams and student experiences.

The Cultivate exhibition site this year retains this spirit of showing, sharing and growing. Despite local quarantine conditions, travel restrictions and linguistic differences, this exhibition of work proves that there is a strong bond between the two institutions that has grown and developed.

Students in each of our pathway specialisms of Visual Communication, 3D Design, Textiles & Fashion, and Fine Art have undertaken personal, meaningful and considered research related to cultivating processes, making techniques, materials investigations and a broad range of responses to personal and contextual research sources. Generating diverse perspectives and broad interpretations of the theme they have followed their personal curiosity and interests using related words to explore and extend their thinking.

From physical cultivation and explorations with the earth, environment, ecosystems, nourishment and growth, and through consideration and cultivation of skills, materials, processes, techniques, refinement, enrichment, devotion, education, community and personal growth. 

We hope you enjoy our Cultivate exhibition and might be able to make a donation to our chosen local charity Rainbows Children’s Hospice or to the SDCA British Red Cross Ukraine appeal. All contributions, small and large, are much appreciated and will make a difference to supporting the lives of those in need. Thank you for your support!

View the Cultivate exhibition.

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Rainbow Children’s Hospice  |  SDCA British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal