Design student’s lead project as part of placement wins Gold at the UX Design Awards

Tympa Health System being used on a woman

Industrial Design and Technology student, Eleanor Bell, has recently completed a year in placement at Team Consulting. Working within the Design Group at Team her role gave her the opportunity to work with a range of departments across the company. This included her main project, the Tympa Health System, which has since won Gold at the UX Design Awards 2020.

The Tympa Health System is the world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system that brings the clinic to the community, providing everyone with access to comprehensive, affordable ear care.

For this project, Eleanor attended a client meeting and helped provide a range of foam mock-ups which represented suggested improvements to the design. This played a part in the successful outcome through an alteration to the angle of the handle. This alteration was to keep the centre of gravity as close to the hand as possible when operating the device, as well as to improve the stability, control and comfort. The client agreed with Team’s proposed changes and the design was modified, which has resulted in the final product.

The Tympa Health System on its charging stand

When asked about her placement at Team, supporting the development of a UX Design Award winning product, Eleanor says that:

“It feels like a big achievement. Not many students get the opportunity to work on a big project like the Tympa Health System, as well as to be named in a UX Design Award. I feel very grateful to have been a part of the project team."

To help bring this product to the market, Eleanor also had responsibility for the custom foam carry case, renders and product images which were used on the Tympa Health website, product branding, design of the instruction booklet and quick reference guide with illustrations that will come as part of the pack to give guidance on usage of the device.

Tympa being used, view shows the display screen

Speaking of her time in placement, Eleanor explained that:

“I learned so much during my placement year at Team Consulting, in particular I advanced my technical skills in the Adobe Suite and CAD. I had an overview of the design process from start to finish. From ideation, to kick starting a project, observing user studies from behind a mirror and refining details towards the end. I also developed my commercial awareness, through working with various clients.”

Find out more about the Typma Health System here.