Placement students organise exhibition at Manufacturing Technology Centre

Manufacturing Technology Centre exhibition

In February, two Loughborough University Fine Art students, who are spending their placement year as Artists in Residence at Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, organised and curated an exhibition on the MTC site. The exhibition included artwork created by Fine Art students from across the degree, as well as pieces by MTC employees.

Gabriela Stelpe and Alexandra Mitrutoiu wanted to open up the exhibition to as many students and employees as possible so chose the theme of ‘visual impact’ which they felt could be interpreted in multiple ways. The exhibition definitely lived up to its name, making a big impact with a large variety of visually stunning and thought-provoking work, from painting and photography to creative lighting pieces and sculptures.

people at the MTC exhibition

The opening night on Wednesday 12 February saw students, employees and families come together to celebrate the hard work and achievements of everyone who exhibited.

Gabriela commented: “I absolutely loved planning and curating the exhibition. It involved a lot of organising months in advance and communicating with many different employees such as the events team at MTC to make sure every element was thought of ahead of time.”

people looking at an MTC exhibit

This is the fifth year that MTC have taken placement students from The School of Design and Creative Arts and Gabriela and Alexandra are keen to encourage students thinking about placement to apply. They shared that the placement has provided them with a vast array of skills and experiences; including creating artworks to display around the centre as well as, interior design projects, organising art workshops for employees and producing graphics for brochures and posters.

“I’ve learnt a great deal about digital illustration, as there’s always someone who needs a poster, a map, a brochure or a booklet illustrated. Add a deadline to it and it pushes you all the more to find creative solutions and develop new ways of thinking about digital drawing” says Alexandra.

While Gabriella states “My placement at MTC has allowed me to grow as both an individual and explore many fields of art and design.”