Industrial Design alumnus begins crowdfunding for ASAP Water Crafts

Ross Kemp founded ASAP Water Crafts in 2011. He has now begun his second round of crowdfunding with the target of raising £200,000 for the company.

ASAP Watercrafts has designed, developed and manufactured a new, electric-powered personal jet board. The towing power also makes the boards suitable for single-person sea rescue, as well as for leisure activities.

Ross’s initial ideas stemmed from his lifesaving training at Loughborough where he studied Industrial Design and Technology until 2011. He later developed his ideas as a graduate in The Studio, the University’s incubation hub.

The investment will allow the company to scale with a big marketing push, lower product manufacture costs and provide capital to fulfil orders quicker. So far, they have raised 72% of the target with 162 investors.

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ASAP Water Craft at sea viewed from above