Thomas Constant


It was an easy choice; Loughborough was my first and second choice for universities. Designing and making things has always fascinated me, so when I saw the state-of-the-art facilities at Loughborough Design, I knew I was in the right place! The impressive modules of the course combined with having the ability to work a year in industry sealed the deal. The fact that Loughborough Design is often regarded as the best in the UK also helped.

I was of course extremely impressed with the facilities at Loughborough Design - if you have not seen it before I recommend having a look round if you ever get the chance. My course was also filled with highly engaging and passionate lecturers, professors, and technicians that all went the extra mile for their students. 

I remember when I was deciding if I wanted to go to university, and what university and what course. There were so many impactful decisions to make! I remember thinking to myself, ‘what do I enjoy doing?’ and how if I do what I enjoy, I will go down a route, regardless of what happens, that I will at least enjoy and develop some great skills in!

Thomas Constant

Studying design was the initial catalyst for starting my own company. The concept came about while I was in my final year, when I discovered the terrible impact intensive meat production has on the planet and society - 25% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock.

I knew something had to be done. So, I started researching solutions, and I came across the amazing benefits of edible insects. The initial idea for BeoBia was born.

It was only after I graduated that I realised that I wanted to turn this idea into a full-fledged business. I applied and got onto The Studio, which is Loughborough Universities business incubator programme, in early 2019 and shortly after I founded BeoBia with a clear mission - to help people reduce their carbon footprint, reuse their food waste, and rethink their relationship with food.

Loughborough Design and The Studio has given me personal self-belief, and how if you truly want to do something you can do it. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years of studying design. It allowed me to follow my passion, expand my skill set, meet inspirational people, and make some fantastic friends!

One of my fondest memories is walking around Loughborough Design during the final year design exhibition. Looking at all my peers work, taking a step back and thinking to myself how fantastic and impressive these ideas all are. That day marked the culmination of the past four years, and it did not disappoint.

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