Eleanor Bell


I chose to study my course at Loughborough University because when I was looking around Loughborough Design it was evident to me that it had great facilities. The degree show booklet and display boards on the walls were particularly inspirational.

When it came to looking for a placement, we received regular emails about new placement opportunities. Often these companies had previously hired Loughborough University placement students and Loughborough Design had built a good reputation with companies over the years.

I completed my placement year at Team Consulting, whom I had heard about through the Loughborough Design School Placement Department. My role was the Industrial Design Intern, and I was working within the Design Team.

Eleanor Bell

Working in the Design Team gave me many opportunities to work closely with a wide range of other departments within the company including Human Factors, Engineering and Marketing. I learned so much during my placement year, and I advanced my technical skills in adobe suite and CAD. I had an overview of the design process from start to finish. From ideation to kick starting a project, observing user studies from behind a mirror and refining details towards the end. I also developed my commercial awareness, through working with various clients.

During my placement I worked on one main project, but I was also often approached by members of other departments and worked on over 10 different projects altogether. A typical day consisted of a couple of meetings and then focusing on the tasks at my desk. Some days would be more practical and spent in the workshop, but every week was different.

The Tympa Health System was my main project throughout my year at Team Consulting. I was involved as part of the team in some of the early iterations of industrial design. I attended a client meeting with some foam mock-ups which represented suggested improvements.

The client agreed and the product went through a re-design, which resulted in the final product. Other areas of responsibility included the custom soft foam carry case, renders/product images for the Tympa Health website, product branding, full design of the instruction booklet and quick reference guide with illustrations. 

Having the main project as part of my placement win an award feeling like a big achievement. Not many students get the opportunity to work on a big project like the Tympa Health System, as well as to be named in a UX Design Award. I feel very grateful to have been a part of the Tympa Health Team.

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