Alice McCutcheon

Current student

I chose to study my course at Loughborough University because I was looking for a course which offers variety. At Loughborough we learn such a range of skills, I believe it makes us much more employable. I was also interested to have access to great facilities such as workshops - it was important for me to have a hands-on approach which encourages innovation and creativity.

The facilities have allowed me to dedicate more time to my projects, as workshops are open every day. We are supported with our projects and given all the facilities required to complete them to a high standard. The teaching has also been of great quality, preparing us for life after university.

My greatest achievement has been learning new languages. I took part in a language exchange scheme and learnt Spanish and Italian. It was a great achievement which required dedication and persistence, but it turned out very valuable for my placement year and meant that I was a better communicator.

Alice McCutcheon

My career ambitions are to work for a design studio abroad. My degree was very well received in my placement year, and it was recognised that we had learnt more than some people even with a master’s degree in other countries. My degree has given me all the skills necessary to work anywhere in the world and be confident in the knowledge I have.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to have a placement year the most. I got the chance to work abroad for my and it was the best decision I ever made. I got to work in a culturally diverse team on diverse projects, which really opened my eyes to life after university.

I worked for three companies during my placement year, in the UK, Italy, and Germany. The benefits of my placements were that I learnt to work within small teams but contribute to large corporate goals and visions. I got a chance to show my creativity and innovative mindset, which was very well received by my team. Not only did my placements shape my future goals, but they also taught me new skills, a new mindset and enabled me to see the importance of my degree in Industry.

My advice to anyone considering studying this course would be to not compare yourself to others. With a creative course where there is never a ‘right’ answer, it can be easy to compare your work. It is important to remember that all work has its strengths and weaknesses, and that the most important thing is to strive to do your best.

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