The MSc Integrated Industrial Design programme at Loughborough University is very systematic and comprehensive, it even covers product manufacturing, cost calculation and business planning. Since my undergraduate degree is not industrial design but mechanical design, I was eager to have a course that can give me more professional and comprehensive knowledge about industrial design.

The environment here at Loughborough University is very good and the programme learning content is very in-depth. The student satisfaction of Loughborough University is also very high and my friends who have previously graduated from Loughborough have spoken of the number of services available at Loughborough University to support students in study and life, even having departments for employment and entrepreneurship.

In regard to facilities, I can use the 3D printer, laser cutting, metal processing and other equipment in the Design Building. I can also consult with tutors in dedicated workshops. If I'm making my way round campus, I often take the campus bus. I can even stay in the 24-hour computer room until dawn, go to the well-equipped gymn to play badminton when feel tired and use the library to search for any relevant literature that I want to research when writing a paper, and so on. All these things have made my study life full and comfortable. 

The course tutors I have met here are very patient and responsible. You can ask them any questions you have about the content of the course and they will always reply promptly and as detailed as possible, especially my personal tutor Patrick and my supervisor Darren. They have given me a lot of advice and encouragement during my studies, which kept me enthusiastic and confident in my project.

Ziqun Hua

Looking back on the past year, I found that there are many things that make me hard to forget. This learning experience allowed me to find a design direction that I like, and also made me full of confidence in the future.

My advice to anyone who is considering studying this programme would be to proactively ask questions, put forward ideas, and communicate with your tutors, especially when your design ideas are blocked. After talking with them, you will find that the matter is not difficult to solve or difficult to move forward.

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