Tom Stevenson

Current student

Having visited the Loughborough University campus on open days, I fell in love with the university. Then the perfect course, uniquely combining Theatre and Story Telling secured my university choice with no competition!

I was overwhelmed by the kindness of staff helping me to settle into my learning environment. Regular check-ins with my personal tutor have helped to tailor the course to my individual needs.

Sessions are structured to help move theory based learning into real world scenarios. Within the first 6 weeks of the course I’d already reflected on, and changed, my own working practice in the arts and revisited my own creative work with a critical eye.

Tom Stevenson

I have improved my knowledge of archival research, performance writing and arts management, thanks to this course. I have loved working with all the staff and students at Loughborough, so much so I am planning to continue my studies at Loughborough University by completing my PhD!

The course is so well structured that a person who’s never attempted to write a story will be shocked at the amazing creative output they generate.  Loughborough has inspired me to better myself and realise it is possible to pursue ‘The Arts’ as a career. Loughborough University has also pushed me to strive, not only for academic excellence, but personal and professional growth.

My best moment at loughborough (so far!) is meeting such wonderful and diverse people on my course, hearing their stories and hugely differing stories, and their involvement in the arts.

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