Isla Golding

Isla Golding's exhibit

Visual Communication Specialism

For this project I wanted to focus on the use of plastic within the food industry with a specific focus on the unnecessary use of an environmentally harmful material.

I researched guerrilla marketing with the intention of making my poster interactive and personal to the viewer. I looked at a project called ‘Global Downturn’ for Financial Times produced by marketing company DDB. Their approach used a direct question to engage the viewer, and a suggestion that they had an answer to this question. I used this technique to explore my ideas further.

I created a 3 Dimensional response which I photographed. When viewed from a distance the picture appears to be of an ordinary dish of food, but closer inspection reveals that each of the items, including the chopsticks is made of plastic.

My outcome illustrates the idea that plastic is used within the food industry and is sometimes hidden and consumed unknowingly within the food that we eat.