Digital Decarbonisation at the World Economic Forum

Professors Tom Jackson and Ian Hodgkinson dressed smartly standing in front of a data centre.

Professors Tom Jackson and Ian Hodgkinson have joined by invitation the ‘ICT Roundtable Series: The Industry’s Energy Transition’ – a collaboration between the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Energy and Materials, the Forum’s ICT Industry team, and Accenture.

The focus of the roundtable series is to horizon scan the landscape and uncover energy and climate challenges, as well as future pathways, for the ICT industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Following the Davos Governor’s meeting earlier in 2024, these issues are being explored through meetings of the industry working group comprising senior industry figures who hold responsibility for energy strategy and sustainability, leading experts and ICT policy players.

Given the centrality of data to the ICT industry and the current data creation explosion, digital decarbonisation will be a critical component of the future data-scape.