Embracing a digital decarbonisation future: the power of education

  • 21 June 2023
  • Time TBC, see event website for details
  • Online

Join Professors Tom Jackson and Ian Hodgkinson for this keynote as part of the BCS's 28th annual INSPIRE conference.


The global focus on net-zero emissions has often overlooked the environmental impact of digitalisation. While efforts have been made to reduce carbon emissions from physical activities, the costs of digitalisation to industry and the environment have been neglected. Data centres, in particular, consume significant amounts of power and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Our team has developed the Data Carbon Ladder, a unique tool that assists with new data projects by optimizing dataset size, frequency of updates, storage location, and analytics to minimize environmental impact. This tool helps businesses align their data projects with sustainability goals, enhancing their bottom line while reducing their CO2 footprint. By using the Data Carbon Ladder, organisations can make data-driven decisions that are more sustainable and efficient, contributing to a greener future.

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