Professor Tom Jackson appointed Independent Scientific Advisor to The Alan Turing Institute

Tom Jackson

Professor Tom Jackson has been appointed as an Independent Scientific Advisor (ISA) within the BridgeAI programme at the Alan Turing Institute (ATI).

He will be working alongside Innovate UK, Digital Catapult, The Hartree Centre and British Standards Institution to advise organisations looking to adopt AI solutions or develop their own capability and capacity in AI. Typically, the organisations selected for ISA support are those whose specific challenges cannot be easily addressed by other parts of the BridgeAI programme, or other accessible training offers.

Speaking on his appointment, Professor Jackson said: “This appointment is a significant milestone for the digital decarbonisation movement, representing a pivotal step forward in our commitment to fostering sustainable AI solutions that demonstrate a profound understanding of their environmental impact on our planet. Concurrently, it strives to enhance the adoption of AI among SMEs in the UK, positioning the UK at the forefront of AI development and research, ensuring its continued leadership in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.”

Professor Jan Godsell, Dean of Loughborough Business School, added: “Tom’s appointment at The Alan Turing Institute unites a shared passion for harnessing the power of data science and AI to address the world's most pressing societal issues and brings digital decarbonisation research and innovation to the fore of this endeavour. Tom’s expertise in enabling and equipping purpose-driven people and organisations to make positive differences through data science and AI will be a great addition to the ATI”.

This marks a further significant milestone for digital decarbonisation and AI, and augments Professors Jackson and Hodgkinson’s work on AI Compute and the Environment as part of the OECD.AI Policy Observatory Network of Experts (ONE.AI), in the progression of both domestic and international advancement of sustainable AI.