Digital decarbonisation represented in Paris ahead of Peace Forum

A graphic of the world annotated with representations of data, multiple worlds and greenery, stemming from a tablet computer.

Professors Ian Hodgkinson and Tom Jackson have joined key meetings feeding into the AI theme at this year’s Paris Peace Forum.

The global discourse on Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining traction, marked by the proliferation of summits and the development of white papers at various country and state levels.

At the forefront of shaping global AI policy is the OECD.AI, a pivotal force dedicated to ensuring that the development and application of AI brings tangible benefits to both people and the planet. The OECD.AI is bolstered by the ONE AI network, a collaborative effort of AI experts hailing from government, business, academia and civil society.

As members of ONE AI, Professors Ian Hodgkinson and Tom Jackson attended the joint meeting of ONE AI and the OECD Working Party on AI Governance (AIGO) held in Paris to progress AI-specific policy advice for the OECD’s work on AI policy and which feeds into the AI theme at this year’s Paris Peace Forum.

The gathering provided a platform for the international community to engage in profound discussions about shared AI policy opportunities and challenges. As part of the OECD's mission to promote the implementation of the OECD AI Principles, fostering open dialogue is essential to shape the landscape of trustworthy AI.