TRACEYDrawing and Visualisation Research


TRACEY’s aim is to stimulate, host and publish diverse perspectives on drawing and visualisation to/for a community of researchers, practitioners, educators and students. We advocate the value of drawing and visualisation in professional and educational contexts.

We encourage participation and collaboration.

Our aims are facilitated through two central activities: as an International peer-reviewed electronic open access journal and as host for the Drawing Research Network (DRN).

TRACEY journal is...

  • An International peer-reviewed electronic open access journal dedicated to the discussion of contemporary drawing and visualisation
  • Interested in the nature of drawing and visualisation - physically, cognitively, creatively

TRACEY journal does...

  • Publishes drawing and visualisation research (visual, audio and textual)
  • Introduces a diverse range of material to practitioners, educators, students and researchers
  • Represents many perspectives on visualisation
  • Advocates the value of drawing in professional and educational contexts
  • Encourages participation and collaboration

DRN is...

  • An international community of researchers/artists/designers/educators
  • A place where people can engage in debate about all aspects of drawing practice (theory, philosophy, education, methodology)

DRN does...

  • Moderates an email based forum on drawing research (DRAWING-RESEARCH@JISCMAIL.AC.UK)
  • Hosts a blog for DRN members to publish events, concepts, perspectives and debates on drawing research
  • Facilitates and coordinates conferences, symposia and seminars on all aspects of drawing and visualisation together with collaborating host institutions

TRACEY is managed and edited by four internal Directors:

  • Simon Downs
  • Deborah Harty
  • Russell Marshall
  • Andy Selby

It is also advised by two external Co-Directors:

  • Gerry Davies - Lancaster University
  • Jill Journeaux - Professor of Fine Art Education and Research Degree Leader at Coventry School of Art & Design, Coventry University.