RTN+ Webinar: Non-invasive Breathing Pattern Assessment, Monitoring and Retraining

In this webinar Dr Sam Winter from Loughborough University will discuss her recently completed RTN+ Project.

"Breathing pattern disorder has frightening symptoms, yet currently there is no objective method for its diagnosis and monitoring. In this webinar we will go through how we have developed the basis for a smartphone app for use in clinics to screen and monitor disordered breathing patterns, and work with patient and clinician groups to identify key requirements."

Joined by Dr Tom Ward (University of Leicester) to discuss the practical clinical applications of the technology they have developed. 

Following the talk from Sam and Tom there will be time for discussion, networking and any questions you may have for the RTN+ team.

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The Rehabilitation Technology Network+ is an EPSRC funded Network that brings together anyone interested in Rehabilitation Technologies with patient and public involvement being a core principle. The Network facilitates collaborations aimed at developing new technologies for rehabilitation.