Continuing Professional Development

A wide range of short courses and continuing professional development (CPD) provision will be delivered through the NRC and its partner organisations for a range of learners and audiences.

In bringing together the extensive experience of some of England’s leading universities, the NRC, through the NRC Academic Network, will result in the delivery of world-leading, research-informed education and training. This will be from pre-degree, through PhD, to professional, vocational development.

By creating a strong culture of learning, we aim to train a highly skilled rehabilitation workforce, enabling demonstration of new ways of working – these opportunities are not just for healthcare professionals, but also for professionals such as engineers / bioengineers, computer scientists, sport scientists, personal trainers, psychologists and others.

We aim to provide a distinctive and exciting course offering to attract high quality students and provide a unique student experience. Students will be able to utilise teaching space in different locations and hybrid working online.

We work to develop an NRC accreditation scheme and more details will follow alongside our CPD course provision which is currently in development.

In the meantime, please contact us at with any queries. In addition, if you have any ideas for CPD, or requests for bespoke provision please get in touch.

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Kristen Clements

Dr Kristen Clements

Senior Translational Scientist

If you have any questions about CPD opportunities with the National Rehabilitation Centre and Loughborough University, please contact Dr Kristen Clements.