Chief Scientific Adviser visits NRC

Professor Lucy Chappell, Chief Scientific Adviser for the UK Department of Health and Social Care has spoken of the potential of the National Rehabilitation Centre following a recent visit to the site.

Following the visit, Prof Chappell explained: “The National Rehabilitation Centre will combine research and innovation with patient care and enable better outcomes for people recovering from serious injury or illness. 

“The Centre will help lead the way in applying a 24/7 holistic approach to therapy and will provide personalised treatment plans based on patient specific needs. This model aims to provide effective care using multidisciplinary health care professionals in a team approach.”

Combining research and clinical activity

When asked about the benefits of undertaking rehabilitation research and training alongside clinical activity at the NRC, Prof Chappell continued: “Research can identify when and how better care can be provided whilst avoiding ineffective care, and evaluating which treatments are most cost-effective.

“This allows the health and care system to reach more patients and deliver faster, meaningful outcomes. A collaborative approach will transform how people benefit from rehabilitation by delivering treatments earlier on in people's recovery and allowing them to get back to life and work sooner.”