Take the TRAM: Travelling the Innovation Pathway from Bench to Bedside

Join the Rehab Technologies Network for an engaging and interactive workshop focused on the TRAM toolkit, an invaluable resource for anyone involved in translational research and application writing.

This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how the TRAM toolkit can simplify the complexities of translational research, making it accessible to both new and experienced researchers.

The TRAM toolkit serves as a roadmap, guiding participants through the intricate maze of translational research and innovation pathways. Specifically tailored to the needs of those interested in the NIHR Invention for Innovation funding streams, the toolkit equips attendees with the knowledge and skills required to craft high-quality research grant applications. Additionally, it is relevant to researchers pursuing other translational research grants.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your translational research capabilities and increase your chances of securing research funding. Join us for this informative and interactive workshop and take the first step towards advancing your research career.

For more information on the TRAM toolkit click here.

If you require assistance covering travel expenses please email: rehabtech@nottingham.ac.uk


To book your place, visit the Rehab Technologies Network website.