Aerothermal and combustion technologies

We have a long-established tradition of developing cutting-edge aerothermal and combustion technologies in collaboration with leading organisations in the aeronautical sector, and the on and off-highway and performance automotive sectors.

We lead research excellence and technology deployment in low emission aero gas turbines through The National Centre for Combustion and Aerothermal Technology (NCCAT) which includes 850m2 of purpose-built laboratory space incorporating 8 test cells instrumented with both high-specification traditional measurement techniques and advanced laser diagnostics.

NCCAT builds on the experience of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) at Loughborough whose activities span more than 25 years.

Through the Caterpillar Innovation and Research Centre, we deliver research that addresses root questions, discovering and developing new engineering processes and components applied worldwide by Caterpillar and its suppliers. Our propulsion and energy research is supported by the state-of-the-art powertrain facilities with purpose-built engine test cells, including hybrid and electric systems, and longstanding engagement with Jaguar Land Rover and Lotus.

Enhancing turbofan engine performance

Our research has helped Rolls-Royce to make a paradigm shift to more efficient geared turbofan architectures with ultra-high bypass ratios and very-high pressure ratios.

Reducing aviation emissions

The annular s-shaped transition ducts connecting the low- and high-pressure compressors in aero engines have conflicting aerodynamic and structural requirements – making their redesign a challenge. Since 2004, we have undertaken extensive research to improved integrated compressor duct technology, implementing a series of redesigns that have enabled Rolls-Royce to achieve significant fuel cost and emission reductions, supporting the industry’s progress toward sustainability.

Research impact

Meet the experts

The experts below represent the broad interests of our researchers in aerothermal and combustion technologies. We look forward to hearing from you.

Photograph of Jon Carrotte

Professor Jon Carrotte

Professor of Aerothermal Technology

Photograph of Duncan Walker

Dr Duncan Walker

Reader in Applied Aerodynamics