Research and innovation

Home to one of Europe's largest Green Hydrogen research groups and a high proportion of internationally respected centres of expertise engaged in Net Zero research and innovation with demonstrable commercial and societal impact.

Net Zero related Centres

In partnership with industry, policymakers, including national and international government agencies, our research centres lead a breadth of projects required for a Net Zero future.

Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology

A female researcher with safety glasses, white lab coat and blue plastic gloves connecting wires to a battery

Internationally significant research applications spanning wind power, solar PV, energy in buildings, grid connection and integration, and energy storage. Cross-disciplinary critical mass focused on low-cost green hydrogen from production through to use.

Three green laser beams converge on a central point with a clear cylinder positioned above them

Caterpillar Innovation and Research Centre

World-class facilities and expertise in the off-highway sector for engines, engine sub-systems and hybrid powertrain systems development, including the exploration of hydrogen solutions.

CAT-IRC website

Loughborough Materials Characterisation Centre 

A male researcher wearing eye protectors, a white lab coat and purple gloves looking into an aperture in a thick metal cylinder

High quality characterisation of materials down to the atomic level and analytical services and £6M world-class equipment available to support hydrogen research and industry partners.

Two male researchers from the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre standing working on an engine

Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre

Specialists in combustion system aerothermal processes, recently advancing world-first combustion tests with Hydrogen.

Rolls Royce UTC website

Building the new technology ecosystem

The University is a founding partner in the patient capital investment company for university spinouts and early-stage IP rich businesses in the Midlands.

Midlands Mindforge

Midlands Mindforge

Midlands Mindforge is an independent company wholly owned by Midlands Innovation universities that aims to raise up to £250m from strategic corporate partners, institutional investors, and qualifying individuals. Clean technologies is a priority area.