Emergent Photonics Research Centre

Working at the forefront of emergent photonic properties in complex nonlinear optical systems.

Emergent Photonics embodies the idea of Photonics Complexity, a domain that describes collective behaviour, as a bridge connecting diverse areas—quantum technology, biology, life sciences, information technology, and socioeconomic applications. At the heart of the Emergent Photonics Research Centre, we leverage our extensive expertise in nonlinear optics as a portal to these uncharted territories, a gateway to unite disparate realms of science and technology in profound and unexpected ways.

The centre has a singular vision: to harness the transformative power of Photonic Complexity to explore and manipulate natural phenomena and create new technology in the process. The intricate models explaining phenomena such as the growth of crystals, the dynamics of bacterial colonies, social group behaviours, and quantum computing operations all find expression in the way we manipulate light.

Our work is defined by the concept of 'Emergence'—not merely as a tool but as a paradigm guiding our research. Emergent properties arise in the interaction of systems, while not belonging to any single part of it. In line with Aristotle's wisdom that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we observe that the collective behaviours in our studies behave unlike any individual part.

The bridge to these behaviours is crafted within the domain of ultrafast photonics, where exceptionally brief light pulses open windows to these mechanisms and form the foundation for our research and development in sensing, communication, data processing, metrology and timing, our core research interests from basic research to industrial applications.

The Emergent Photonics Research Centre represents a bold investment of Loughborough University to fulfil its mission. The centre, encompassing 600 sqm of state-of-the-art, multi-million-pound infrastructure and hosting a dedicated core of researchers, is equipped to explore and expand upon this vision. Through our research, we aim to not only understand nature's complexities but also to craft new key technologies, translating each discovery into new realms of possibility.

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Talented candidates in appropriate STEM subjects and from all nations are welcome to apply for studentships and research positions with our team. Specialist photonics experience is not required, and we will discuss arrangements - including any potential funding support for studentships - at interview.

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