Hybrid 3D Concrete Printing for net zero construction manufacturing

An interdisciplinary exploration across design, materials and manufacturing to enable Hybrid-3D concrete printing (H-3DCP) to deliver on net zero for the construction sector.

The UK construction sector contributes 6% of GDP while productivity has flatlined. It produces more waste than any other sector - cement alone generates 10% of global carbon emissions.

3D concrete printing (3DCP) is rapidly establishing itself as a significant new and modern method of construction worldwide, with the potential to make a significant impact on productivity and net zero.

With a global reputation as pioneers of 3DCP, Loughborough University continues to innovate, establishing a vibrant interdisciplinary research cluster to:

  • Map production carbon and identify opportunities for circularity
  • Reduce embodied carbon in materials
  • Develop more efficient processes
  • Enhance durability and performance
  • Create next generation design tools and innovations

We are building a team of talented research students who are passionate about collaborating at the forefront of Construction Industry 4.0 to deliver the next step changes needed.