System specification

Each Aftrak system comprises a Micro Electric Tractor Unit and a Base Station.

Our solution not only ensures a stable energy supply for local communities, but also aims to enhance smallholder incomes - promoting ongoing energy purchases and supporting the development of a sustainable ecosystem.

The system comprises three elements as outlined below.

An illustration of the tractor

Aftrak Micro Electric Tractor Unit

The tractor is self-powered and can be operated by anyone, providing universal access to DBF - with no fuel costs. 


  • Solar array - built-in 200W panel
  • Batteries - lead acid: about 5kWh
  • Drive motor - 1kW direct drive hub motor
  • Tilling - 5kW motor
  • Power - integrated MPPT and CC
Illustration showing a tractor hooked up to a dwelling

Domestic loads

The tractor works as an energy vector, providing power to unconnected homes for a range of uses including cooking, lighting and pumping water.

It can run for several days on a single charge, but - having its own built-in solar panel - recharges itself for an even longer power life. And, of course, it can be plugged back into the main array for a boost.


  • Power sockets - side-mounted 240V AC plug and USB sockets
  • Batteries - lead acid with about 15kWh usable capability
An illustration of the solar array - an Aftrak tractor parked at the charging point beneath it

Solar base station

The 15kW solar array comprises 24 panels and generates 60kWh green energy every day for a range of uses including lighting, cooking, phone charging and milling grain. It also houses an Aftrak charging station - while providing a shady outdoor communal space.


  • Solar array - modular, scalable ground-mounted panels
  • Batteries - lead acid with about 15kWh usable capability