Project team

The partnership provides a diverse skill set to ensure effective technological innovation and social integration of Aftrak.

The Aftrak partnership comprises experts from four organisations based in the UK, US and Malawi:

The Loughborough University logo - crest on left; name on right

Loughborough University

The Wolfson School of Mechanical Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering is one of the biggest engineering schools of its kind in the UK with a research portfolio of around £52 million. The Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) has a cohort of around 60 academics, researchers and PhD students and a range of laboratory facilities for prototype manufacture and testing.

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The Tiyeni logo - the organisation name in green with the letter Y shaped like a two-leaf seedling

Tiyeni UK (TU)

Tiyeni UK (TU) are a UK-based NGO who have funded the development of deep bed farming (DBF) as a response to extreme food poverty within Malawi. The organisation has grown year on year as support and demand for DBF has increased. Typically farmers adopting DBF double their agricultural yields and all but eliminate their requirements for expensive imported fertilizers.

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The Tiyeni logo - the organisation name in green with the letter Y shaped like a two-leaf seedling

Tiyeni Malawi (TM)

Tiyeni Malawi (TM) is a Malawian company, owned by Tiyeni UK and operated at arm's length by a Malawian team. It is growing rapidly to meet increasing demand for DBF training, following government approval of the approach. Historically, the organisation has focused on agriculture, but is now diversifying into water management and carbon credits. Having developed DBF, Tiyeni is now focused on twin objectives: 

  • ensuring that all farmers in Malawi have access to training in DBF - either through its own programmes, government extension workers or other NGOs
  • developing the business model for smallholder deep bed farmers helping them to leverage other DBF benefits, including carbon sequestration and water management
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The CBI logo - blue globe on left and organisation name on the right

Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)

The CBI has delivered cutting-edge research taking lead batteries to a new level. With an expert panel comprising the world’s leading battery manufacturers and research specialists, the Consortium sets the standard for advanced lead batteries and the next generation of energy storage. Based in London England with offices in the US and EU, it is a global industry association and research and innovation organisation. Using lead battery technology supports the rapid development of almost 100% recyclable batteries and the use of existing recycling streams.

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The VARTA logo


Varta have partnered the Aftrak team to provide Varta ProMotive AGM lead acid batteries to power the prototypes. These batteries are ideal - they are close to 100% recyclable, provide an impressive depth of discharge tolerance, and are suitable for use in African temperatures.

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