Dr Ishara Dharmasena named RAE Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year

Dr Ishara Dharmasena has been recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) for his work in both nanogenerators and smart textiles for applications in healthcare technology.

Dr Dharmasena has a strong background in electronic and textile engineering, and stands as a globally leading theorist in nanogenerators, and his “distance-dependent electric field” theory that has revolutionised existing theoretical practices in the field of triboelectric nanogenerators (TENG).

Dr Dharmasena's theories on nanogenerator optimisation are among highly cited in the field, as well as his work on contact-mode direct-current TENG technology, which addresses the leading technical bottleneck in this research area.

He holds an outstanding output record as an early-career researcher, with high-impact publications, numerous prestigious research awards, and successful funding applications with a total of over £1 million research income.

He has contributed to the promotion of science and engineering through media activities, outreach programs, public engagement such as the Royal Society Summer Science, and mentoring of young researchers and students.

For more information about Dr Dharmasena's work, you can visit his research profile and watch the video above.

Having secured the award, Dr Dharmasena said: “The award is a boost of confidence for me and my team on our vision and strategies and adds to the excellent reputation we have developed throughout the years.

“It will support us further our efforts and collaborations in creating the next generation of wearable electronics and smart textiles solutions to improve the lives of the global population.”

Find out more about the work Dr Dharmasena is working on in the area of “super smart textile” technology on the Loughborough’s National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) website.

The RAE Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year awards

The RAE Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year awards recognise five UK engineers in full-time higher education, research or industrial employment each year, who have demonstrated excellence in the early stage of their career.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, Luke Logan FREng, Chair of the Academy’s Awards Committee, said: "I congratulate the worthy winners of this year’s Young Engineers of the Year.

"From developing a permeable concrete that mitigates flooding risk through to a surgical device that enables safer hip replacements, these engineers are pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Their groundbreaking innovations demonstrate the vital role engineers play in addressing some of society's most pressing challenges."

Details of past winners of can be found on the RAE Engineers Trust website.