A photo of a paint roller lay on a bench with red paint on, and a red wall behind it

Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani to present fourth lecture in Fellowship Inaugural Lecture series

On Friday 12 March, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani will present the next lecture of this year’s Fellowship Inaugural Lecture series.

Headshot of Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani

Dr Martin-Fabiani

Organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Loughborough University Research Staff Association, this series showcases Loughborough University’s Research Fellows, who present their cutting-edge research and outline their career to date.

In this talk entitled Can you make an academic career out of watching paint dry?: Harnessing fundamental science to improve functional coatings, Dr Martin-Fabiani will discuss the process of paint drying which involves the assembly of its different ingredients, in the form of micro and nanoparticles and aggregates in suspension, into a film as the solvent evaporates.

The ways in which these particles are assembled will dictate the final architecture of the final coating and therefore its performance. For example, in the case of antibacterial paint, the amount of bactericidal agent that accumulates at the top surface will determine its effectiveness against microorganisms.

His lecture will describe how we can harness physical and chemical insights on the assembly process to tailor the final coating structure and functionality. These concepts are applicable to not only functional coatings, but also to a wider range of products based on the drying of particle suspensions such as inks, adhesives, or cosmetics.

The presentation will also share details of his journey towards securing a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani is a Senior Lecturer in Materials Science in the Department of Materials at Loughborough University. He leads an experimental research group working in the fields of colloid, interface, and soft matter science.

His contributions to these areas, including a new method to structure coatings covered by BBC News and other outlets, have led to the award of the Polymer Lecture Exchange Prize from the Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society.

Prior to his current appointment, he held a Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellowship at Loughborough University from 2016-2020 and was a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey between 2014-2016.

For more information about the series, visit the dedicated Fellowship Inaugural Lectures website. To register a place for Dr Martin-Fabiani’s event, please fill out the online booking form.