January 2015 press releases

Loughborough University partners with IDS on £2million project in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Mark Hepworth of the Centre for Information Management is part of a new £2 million project looking at research and teaching in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Issued on 30 January 2015

The emotional attachment of owning a smartphone

People are growing increasingly emotionally attached to their smartphones, claim researchers from Loughborough University and the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

Issued on 28 January 2015

People with sight loss can face at least 25% higher cost for everyday living, new study reveals

Everyday living costs more for people with sight loss according to a new study by Loughborough University for the sight loss charity Thomas Pocklington Trust.

Issued on 26 January 2015

Children’s art exhibition celebrates culture and diversity of first generation immigrants

The culture and diversity of first generation immigrants is highlighted in a new art exhibition launched today (Monday 26 January).

Issued on 26 January 2015

Serial sports tech innovator launches FLUX – the running glove that puts climate control in the palm of your hand

Loughborough graduate Ross Weir is close to launching an innovative running glove with built-in climate control. His patented invention is unique mesh that enables instant temperature regulation and moisture wicking. The gloves are also touch screen compatible and pack down as small as a tangerine, weighing less than 6 grams each.

Issued on 21 January 2015

Research reveals the best way to burglar-proof your home

Research undertaken by criminologists from Loughborough University has revealed the most effective combination of security devices to beat the burglar.

Issued on 21 January 2015

Loughborough University student invites you to take the One Pound Challenge

Graduate Alan Radbourne set himself the challenge of turning £1 into a year’s salary. Now – just over 18 months on – he has published a book about his experience.

Issued on 20 January 2015

Almost four in ten families with children are struggling to make ends meet

Families with children are now at greater risk than any other group of having an inadequate income new research by Loughborough University for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows.

Issued on 19 January 2015

Leader debates 2015: don’t hold your breath for a repeat of 2010

Professor David Deacon and Dr Dominic Wring from the University's Department of Social Sciences share their views on the role of leader debates in the 2015 general election.

Issued on 16 January 2015

Participants required for study on sedentary behaviour and cardiovascular disease

Researchers at Loughborough University are seeking participants for a new study exploring the link between sedentary behaviour and cardiovascular disease.

Issued on 14 January 2015

Loughborough hosts Innovate UK creative and digital industries event

In partnership with Innovate UK, Loughborough University will host a half-day event focusing on the funding and support on offer to digital companies keen to nurture their business innovation and growth.

Issued on 12 January 2015

Loughborough academic helps produce simple toolkit to support GPs in identifying dementia sufferers

A Loughborough University academic has helped to develop a new system which will aid GPs in deciding whether a patient is suffering from early stage dementia or memory failures that are unlikely to develop into dementia.

Issued on 9 January 2015

University funds 40 new PhD studentships

The University has announced funding for 40 new PhD studentships across the campus.

Issued on 8 January 2015

Deadline approaches for Loughborough University Special Projects Fund

Community Groups are invited to apply for University Funding

Issued on 5 January 2015