ERASMUS+ and International Exchange Programmes

How to Apply

Check that your home institution has an ERASMUS+/international exchange agreement with Loughborough University and that the subject you are studying is covered by an agreement. It is very important that you only apply to Loughborough University if your subject is covered by an agreement.

To view which Schools/Departments at Loughborough University have links with your home institution, click here. Contact your home Exchange Co-ordinator who will be able to offer you advice on your chosen programme of study.

If your home institution does not have an agreement with Loughborough, please contact your home Exchange Co-ordinator. Loughborough University is unable to deal with requests from students to set up new agreements.

Application Process

All incoming ERASMUS+ and international exchange students are required to complete an application form and learning agreement.  It is recommended that you use the checklist at the front of the application form in order to ensure that you have provided all the relevant documentation in support of your application form.‌

For study exchanges at Loughborough University in the academic year 2018/19, the deadlines for completed applications are as follows:

15 JUNE 2018 (for Semester One or Full Year exchanges)
15 NOVEMBER 2018 (for Semester Two exchanges)

ERASMUS+ Exchange Applications

Please send the completed application form and learning agreement to your respective School/Departmental Exchange Co-ordinator at Loughborough University.

International Exchange Applications

Please send the completed form to Julie Hibbert, Institutional Exchange Co-ordinator (email