Ethics Review Process

Proposals for ethics review will be considered by the Ethics Review Sub-Committee. The level of review will depend on the type of submission.

Submission Types

The Ethics Review Form in LEON has a three-tier approach to ethics review of studies involving human participants: 

  • Checklist - raising no issues in Checklist A or B, are reviewed by Schools.  
  • Checklist+ - (yes to Checklist B questions but no issues in Checklist A) will require submission of additional information and will be reviewed initially by the Sub-Committee Secretary.
  • Enhanced - (yes to Checklist A questions) will be considered by the Sub-Committee at the monthly meetings.  

Other submission types will be reviewed by the Sub-Committee Secretary initially to determine the appropriate level of review.

Submission Deadlines

Submission deadlines for enhanced proposals are available on the Ethics Review Sub-Committee website.  Other submissions are accepted at any time.  However, please note that your School may set their own deadlines which you must observe.


Decisions issued by the Ethics Review Sub-Committee will be:

  • Favourable with no alterations needed (may include requests for minor changes not requiring resubmission).  This is the final decision and means that ethical clearance has been confirmed.
  • Favourable with conditions (Conditional) - Feedback will be returned to the investigators. Investigators will have 30 days after receiving the comments to respond. If investigators do not respond to the comments within 30 days, the decision will change to unfavourable.  Extensions and reminders regarding the 30 day deadline will be provided.
  • Provisional - further details are required for the review to be undertaken.
  • Unfavourable

Studies must not be undertaken without confirmation of a favourable ethics review having been received by email.