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Support in Halls

Wardens and Sub-wardens are available in each University Hall to help ensure the hall provides a supportive and enjoyable environment for all the student residents.

If you have any problems, either arising from within the hall or connected with any other aspect of being a student at Loughborough, please contact your warden or sub-warden who will either deal directly with the issue or refer you to someone who can help. Any discussions you have with a Warden or Sub-warden will be in confidence.

Warden Contact Details

Senior Warden Vacancy
Deputy Senior Warden

Mr Julian MacKenzie

01509 261194

Butler Court

Dr Sean Mitchell

01509 222334


Ms Elaine Beaken

01509 222268

Claudia Parsons

Mr Karl Brenann

David Collett

Dr Sheryl Williams

01509 222269

Elvyn Richards

Dr Hilary McDermott

01509 222270

Falkner Egginton 

Mr Simon Wombwell

01509 222335


Ash Casey

01509 222271

Harry French

Dr Binoy Sobnack

01509 222434


Dr Paul Leaney

01509 214626

The Holt

Mrs Emma Bagley

01509 222282

John Phillips 

Dr Paul Leaney

01509 214626

Robert Bakewell 

Dr Katryna Kalawsky

01509 226557


Dr Mark King

01509 222273


Dr Matthew Frost

01509 222274


Mr Mark Dabney

01509 222275


Mrs Ruth Casey

01509 222276

William Morris 

Mr Julian MacKenzie

01509 222433


 For further information on Halls of Residence, please visit the Accomodation Centre.

The Students' Union also provides information on Halls.