Safeguarding means protecting everyone’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

Universities have duties under the law towards people who are experiencing abuse or neglect (or are at risk of either). This includes safeguarding children, vulnerable adults and our community.

Safeguarding children

There are a range of children (under 18s) that Loughborough University have a duty to safeguard. This may be children visitors onto campus, children who you as a student may come across whilst on placement or volunteering. Or children who you know in a personal capacity, younger siblings or children of friends.

Every child has the right to live free from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

If you are concerned about the behaviour of an adult towards a child, have worries about a sibling or child you know. Please complete the Online incident reporting form so that we can discuss with you, offer support and work with partners to safeguard.

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Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Some Loughborough University students may become vulnerable adults whilst studying. Transitions into University and the academic career can have an impact on personal wellbeing, alongside disabling conditions or change in circumstances.

Loughborough University defines a vulnerable adult as:

  • an individual over the age of 18;
  • who lacks the capacity to take care of him or herself (i.e. at risk of neglect or self neglect); and/or
  • who may be unable to keep him or herself safe from the risk of significant harm, abuse or exploitation, including the risk of radicalisation or being drawn into terrorism.

If you feel that you are at risk of exploitation, self-neglect or significant harm from another adult, we can offer help and support. You can report concerns via the Online incident reporting portal.

We will assess your individual need, ensure that the support empowers, and you are involved in decisions made about your care. We can look at the impact on your studies and work with you to keep you safe.

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What if I think I'm at risk?

Contact Leicestershire Police via 999 or if non-urgent (101)

There are a range of services on webpages linked to domestic violence including honour-based crimes and sexual violence.

We would encourage you to self-refer to Student Services for support by completing the online incident reporting portal.

Domestic violence advice Honour based violence advice Sexual violence advice Report to the University online

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