What info will be required to submit a report?

What information will I be asked for?

You will be asked for basic information such as what happened, where it happened, the date it happened, the name of the perpetrator, details about the individual filing the report and your contact details (if you wish to provide them). All this information is optional.

The only information that you must provide is an agreement to the Student Services privacy policy and a method in which to retrieve your report.

How do I submit my report?

Once you have finished adding the information into the report, you will be given the opportunity to review and amend the information as necessary. A ‘submit incident’ button will be available at the bottom of the screen, once selected this will then enter your report into the system. This will then generate an alert that a new report has entered the system. Your report will then be screened, and appropriate action will be taken.

How long will a report take to complete?

A report should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Why should I provide the name of the perpetrator?

We understand that it can be worrying to disclose the name of who has committed an incident. We would encourage you to submit the name of the perpetrator, as our system allows us to ‘match’ incidents to perpetrators. This means that if a person appears multiple times on our system, it will flag this to a member of our Student Services team, and we can take appropriate action. If we do decide to act following multiple reports, we will either contact you directly if you have provided us with your details or we will use the message function that is built into the tool to get in touch with you.

What should I do if I am reporting on behalf of someone else?

If you are reporting for someone else, please state whether the individual is known to you, advice given and whether they are aware you are making the report.

There is more information and support through ‘reporting for someone else’ section of the webpages.