Before submitting a report

I need urgent help, should I complete a report?

No, if you are in immediate danger or require immediate support, please contact the emergency services on 999 or University Security on 0800 526966.

How do I know if I’m in immediate danger or need immediate support?

A person may need immediate support if they are physically injured or alternatively if a perpetrator is still close by and they are at risk of harm or you feel unable to keep yourself safe.

If you are in immediate danger or need immediate support, please contact the emergency services on 999 or University Security on 0800 526 966.

When should I submit a report?

You can submit a report any time after an incident has occurred. It doesn’t matter if an incident has occurred 1 week, 1 month or a year or more ago, you can still make a report using this portal. Any incident submitted through this tool will be treated seriously.

What types of incidents can I report?

The portal can take a variety of different reports

If you do not see the type of incident you have experienced, you can select the 'Other' button and give a brief description of what you have experienced.

Do I need to have spoken to someone before submitting a report?

No, you don’t. You can opt to talk to talk to a member of our Student Services team through this portal to receive further support and advice.

Can I report what I have experienced anonymously to the University?

Yes, you can report anonymously. You can either opt to login using your University credentials (You are able to remain anonymous if you do this), or you can choose to either submit a report using a reference number and password.

It’s important to note that if you choose to remain anonymous only limited action can be taken.

If you choose to login using your Loughborough University credentials and choose to remain anonymous your name will not be shown to the member of our Duty, Assessment and Inclusion team responding to your report. However, the University may in rare cases have to access your details in our system, this is not easily accessible and would only ever be searched for in instances where there were significant safeguarding concerns.

Can I report an incident on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can report an incident on behalf of another individual. There may be instances where you are worried about someone close to you (this could be a course mate, a flat mate or a friend) you can use this portal to let Student Services know that you are concerned about them. We can then reach out to you and provide guidance and support.

There may also be instances (Particularly for those in positions of responsibility) where an individual discloses an incident to you, you can use this system to report this on their behalf.

My report doesn’t feel that serious, should I still report it?

Yes, even incidents that don’t seem serious have an impact on your wellbeing and you may need some support. Furthermore, it can help us prevent further issues occurring on the campus. Even if you don’t think a report is serious, it’s still important to report it. This is as it can help the University identify wider issues occurring on the campus.

What about malicious reporting?

Malicious reporting is exceedingly rare (2% nationally). However, if a malicious report is filed the individual who has submitted that report may face disciplinary action by the University.

A malicious report can be seen to be a report that a person knows is fictitious and that may cause physical, emotional and/or reputational damage to the subject of that report.

No action will be taken where reports are submitted in good faith based on what a person believed to be true at that time.