Marsha Meskimmon

Marsha Meskimmon

Social Sciences and Humanities

Research groups - Gender and Identities

Marsha's work centres on transnational feminisms and the arts, and she brings decolonial, race-critical, queer and ecofeminist methodologies together to explore the potential of the arts to play a key role in fostering greater social and ecological justice. She is particularly interested in how art intersects with ‘visceral cosmopolitanism’, concepts of citizenship and belonging in a ‘postmigratory’ world, ecological thinking, Indigenous worlding and non-normative ethics/aesthetics. Marsha configures these interests, in shorthand, as how transnational feminisms and the arts facilitate ‘thinking, imagining and inhabiting – earthwide and otherwise’.


  • Transnational Feminisms, Transversal Politics and Art: Entanglements and Intersections, Routledge, March 2020 (first volume of the Trilogy, Transnational Feminisms and the Arts, in progress)
  • Contemporary Art and the Cosmopolitan Imagination (2010)
  • Home/Land: Women, Citizenship, Photographies (anthology, co-edited with Marion Arnold, 2016)
  • Women, the Arts and Globalisation: Eccentric Experience (anthology, co-edited with Dorothy Rowe, 2013)