Gemma Witcomb

Gemma Witcomb

Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Research groups - Lifestyle for Health & Wellbeing, Participation

Transgender health and wellbeing; gender diversity and inclusion in sport; LGBT+ and eating disorders; motherhood; gender dimensions in research applications.


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  • Harper, J., ODonnell, E., Khorashad, B.S., McDermott, H., & Witcomb, G.L. (in press, 2020). Transgender women’s athletic potential: A systematic review of the effects of hormone transition on body composition, muscle strength, and haemoglobin. British Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • Aldridge, Z., Patel, S., Guo, B., Nixon, E., Bouman, W.P., Witcomb, G.L., & Arcelus, J. (2020). The effect of 18 months of gender affirming hormone treatment on depression and anxiety symptoms in transgender people: A prospective study. Journal of Andrology.
  • Witcomb, G.L. & Harding, Z.(2018). An exercise in happiness: Physical activity choices and psychological wellbeing in post-partum mothers. Archives of Sports Medicine, 2(2), 109-115
  • Other: Witcomb, G.L. Barbie at 60; instrument of female oppression or positive influence? The Conversation.