Undergraduate applicants

Loughborough University remains in a strong and stable position, and we are gearing up to begin teaching students on campus and in person where it is safe to do so.

Are your contact details up to date?

We would rather talk to you personally if you need to get in touch with us to discuss your application, but we understand that you might prefer for us to speak to a parent or relative instead. In these cases, the person who makes the call should be the nominated contact you have registered with UCAS. It’s worth taking the time now to ensure that your nominated contact on UCAS is the person you’d like us to speak to.

If your email address has changed or is likely to change in the next few weeks, it is really important that you tell the University and UCAS, so that we can continue to keep in touch with you between now and the start of term.

Applicants with a disability or health issue

If you have a disability or health issue, we’d like to make your transition to Loughborough as smooth as possible. Regardless of whether you have already informed us of your situation in your application, please log on to the Disability and Health Portal to help us identify your requirements and arrange support in time for your studies to start.

Student accommodation

If you’re looking to apply for University accommodation, please continue to check for separate communications from the Student Accommodation Centre. For the latest updates, visit their announcements webpage for more information.

Students will be asked to move into their accommodation on a specific day of the week depending on their hall of residence. This will enable us to control the number of new students arriving on to campus each day and ensure the safety of all members of our community. You will receive more information about moving into your accommodation once your room has been confirmed.

Receiving your results

If you are successful in securing a place, we will contact you tolet you know and will advise on next steps.

There’s lots of useful information on our website to help you prepare for results day and plan ahead for any outcome. It’s a really good idea to research your options in advance so that you can take control of the situation and make positive steps to secure your place at university once you have your grades.

Preparing for the start of term

Launching online from 13 August, we’ll be introducing a comprehensive Welcome to Loughborough transition package for new students. Through a series of online events, workshops and training videos, we will guide you through the enrolment process and prepare you for the academic demands of your course.

In addition, you’ll complete a series of workshops and training sessions to secure your first Personal Best digital badge. Ready, Set, Loughborough is an extension of the Personal Best programme and has been designed to support new Loughborough students with the transition to university. More badges will be made available as you progress through your degree and take on further development opportunities and challenges.

Teaching in semester one

Our academic staff are currently working hard to refresh the delivery of course material so that you will have access to the best possible learning experience, regardless of whether your teaching is delivered online or in person. More information about your course will be made available shortly so you have clarity about what to expect before the start of term.

If the current Government Alert level remains in place at the start of term, students will be given access to a mix of in person classes (including practical and laboratory work), live online interactive sessions, and ‘on-demand’ pre-recorded lectures. These sessions will be supplemented by individual/group project work and guided independent study, alongside support from teaching staff and personal academic tutors.

Our plans include revisions to cover a full spectrum of future scenarios, and our approach to teaching will enable us to react quickly if Government guidance changes at a national or local level. Regular updates will be circulated to students and staff across the year so that everyone on campus is aware of the University’s latest guidelines and measures.

A warm freshers’ welcome

We are determined to give you the best possible welcome to Loughborough and to make that happen, we are working closely with our Students’ Union and hall social committees to organise an exciting programme of activities and events – all with social distancing in mind.

Our students and staff are looking forward to welcoming you to the campus and have lots of exciting plans to help you settle in. There will be opportunities to get involved in a broad range of sporting activities, and our clubs and societies will be hosting a number of events so that you can meet friends with similar interests. Whilst adhering to the latest Government guidelines will be non-negotiable, there is still plenty to look forward to as a fresher this year.

Frequently asked questions

What advice can you give me about the specific qualifications I am taking?

The University is committed to working collaboratively with the government, Ofqual, awarding bodies and UCAS to minimise the impact of coronavirus on your university application and ensure that applicants joining the Loughborough community in October are treated fairly.



A Levels

The latest news about the arrangements being taken by awarding bodies in the UK can be found on the government website. The current intention is for results to be published in line with previous years with A level results day on 13 August 2020.


We understand that Pearson are working with Ofqual and other examination boards to put into place a process similar to that agreed by the UK government for A levels. We are awaiting further information on this and will update applicants when available. It has been confirmed that results day for BTEC Level 3 Nationals (both QCF and RQF versions) will be Thursday 13 August 2020. The same day as the release of A levels results.

International Baccalaureate

The IB have stated that the May 2020 examinations for Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme students will not be held in any country. Students will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate(s), depending on what they were registered for, which reflects their standard of work. We currently understand most components will be externally marked by the IB this year rather than the usual sampling and moderation process. They currently intend to release results as originally planned on 5 July. Further information can be found on the IBO website.

Cambridge Pre-U and Cambridge International AS and A Level


Cambridge International have stated that they will not run international examinations in May/June 2020 in any country.  We currently understand they will assess students’ achievements using a combination of their own evidence and that of schools. Students will receive a grade and a certificate from Cambridge International, given the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their programmes of study. Further information can be found on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.

Access to HE Diploma


We currently understand that if applicants were due to complete their Access to HE Diploma by the end of July this year, then they will receive calculated grades for all remaining assessments. Submitted work on or prior to 20 March will be marked according to usual QAA policy. Further information can be found on the Access to Higher Education website.

Cambridge Technicals

We currently understand that Cambridge Technicals will follow a similar process to that agreed by the UK government for A levels. The intention is to provide calculated grades by the end of July. For further information please see the OCR website.

Other qualification

We receive applications from all around the world with students taking a diverse mix of qualifications. Most countries and awarding bodies are working on solutions to ensure students can complete their school or university studies with minimal delay and we are closely monitoring these developments around the world. We value the diversity of our international students and are committed to being as flexible as possible given the current situation. Further information for international students can be found on the UCAS website


 Further information for UK and international students can be found on www.ucas.com/coronavirus

I am taking my A levels externally as a private candidate. What happens to me?

Ofqual have recently published further guidance relating to arrangements for private candidates (those studying independently or who have been home-schooled).

We understand that arrangements will be different depending on an applicant’s individual circumstances and that the exam centre has been asked to contact their students directly to discuss providing a calculated assessment where possible or outline the alternative options available. The Joint Council for Qualifications have also released supplementary information on the evidence to be used by exam centres to inform their respective decisions.

We know that these circumstances are particularly challenging for private candidates and we are working to ensure they are not disadvantaged wherever possible. However, we must ensure that we have enough evidence to demonstrate that students who join us are suitably prepared to succeed on their course. We will therefore review cases on an individual basis, looking carefully at prior achievement and it may be necessary for some students to take exams in the autumn or next summer to achieve their grades.

UCAS have considerable advice for independent learners on their website.

When will I receive my results? What if I don't receive them in time for the start of term?

Ofqual have stated that they intend to provide calculated A level grades for students in England on 13 August 2020 and other awarding bodies in the UK are adopting similar timescales to previous years. We are monitoring the situation in terms of other international qualifications closely.

The current UCAS deadline for applicants to meet the conditions of their offer is 31 August 2020. In light of the recent announcements regarding the timing of examination results there are currently no plans for this deadline to change. We may be flexible after this date depending on the circumstances, whether there are still places available on a course and whether there is sufficient time for students to be able to successfully commence their studies on time. We will review such cases on an individual basis.

I’m worried about the grades I will receive. What will happen if I don't meet my offer conditions?

We know that with exam cancellations and changes to how students will be assessed they may be anxious about what grades they will receive and whether they will then meet the conditions of their offer.

While we hope they will receive the grades their efforts deserve, we are committed to trying to be as flexible as possible to our offer holders given the unprecedented circumstances this year.

If applicants do not meet the conditions of their offer, then it is possible that we may still be able to accept them. How much flexibility we are able to give will depend on how the University’s offer-holders perform and how many places we still have available on particular courses. We must be confident that students are suitably prepared for the demands of their chosen course.

All applicants flagged through our Contextual Admissions Policy will be given priority consideration.

I’ve applied to start in 2020. When will I be expected on campus?

If you have booked a room in University accommodation, we’ll confirm when you are required to be on campus to move into your Hall. Formal teaching will begin on campus on Monday 5 October and there will be a broad range of online and in-person events, workshops and activities for you to get involved in ahead of the start of term. More details will be sent to you once your place has been confirmed. For full details of our term dates, please see our website

I’m worried about the impact of coronavirus on my physical and mental health. What should I do?

Supporting our students’ health and wellbeing is a priority. All new undergraduate students will be offered a student mentor to help them adjust to University life, as well as a Personal Academic Tutor and access to a Wellbeing Advisor to ensure every student’s transition to university is as smooth as possible.

We are putting enhanced health and safety measures in place across the campus - some of the most thorough and balanced in higher education. They have been issued to all UK universities as a model of good practice. We are doing our utmost to ensure that our campus is a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who works and studies here More details can be found on our website.

I am holding an offer to start in October 2020. Can I defer entry to 2021?

Given the current circumstances, we understand that some applicants may be considering taking a gap year and deferring their entry to 2021 given the uncertainty around joining the University in October and what the student experience might look like.

While we are considering deferral requests in the usual manner, we would encourage applicants who had not originally intended to take a gap year to take adequate time to fully assess the situation and make an informed decision about their future plans, before choosing to defer entry to 2021.

Applicants can request to defer their entry at any point, so there is no rush to do this at the current time. Applicants should be aware that if they choose to defer their place to 2021 at this stage, we cannot guarantee that we will then be able to switch back to 2020 at a later date as places may no longer be available at that point.  We therefore recommend you only consider deferring once you are certain you do not wish to join us in 2020.

I am studying a foundation year in the UK and hold a conditional offer for entry into Year 1. My provider might not be able to complete my assessment. How will this impact on my offer?

We understand that foundation providers may be finding alternative ways to teach and assess their students as a result of Coronavirus. Once your provider has confirmed how your foundation year will be assessed and you have your results please contact the Admissions Office so we can consider your individual circumstances.

It looks like my exams are still going to take place this summer and I’m worried about my performance due to the disruption to my learning caused by Covid-19. What can I do?

We have an established process for taking extenuating circumstances into account as outlined in our Admissions Policy. This year we recognise the challenging situation many schools/colleges and applicants have been facing with disruption to teaching, learning and examinations. We are carefully monitoring the advice and guidance from awarding bodies and the extent that they are taking this into consideration when awarding grades. This will guide any further consideration by us.  If you are still due to undertake examinations this summer, then you will need to provide us with a letter from your school or university confirming the disruption you have experienced before your results are published so we can take this into account when we are reviewing your results. 

Will Clearing be open as normal this year?

Clearing and Adjustment are expected to run as normal this year. For more information about Clearing and Adjustment at Loughborough, please visit our clearing website.

I haven't had a decision on my application yet and I can’t get hold of the additional information that you’ve requested to consider my application further. What shall I do?

We are aware that delays may be unavoidable gathering the information needed to consider your application (e.g. references, certificates). We aim to be as flexible as possible so if you will need extra time to gather requested information, please just let the Admissions Office know so that we are aware that there will be a delay.

What measures are being taken in halls of residence to keep students as safe as possible?

You can read more information about what we're doing on our website. https://www.lboro.ac.uk/clearing/accommodation/safe-in-halls/