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Slope Alarms


Developed at Loughborough University – in collaboration with the British Geological Survey – Slope ALARMS is a novel landslide detection system. Its patented, award-winning technology measures acoustic emissions caused by soil movement – offering life-saving, real-time monitoring of unstable hillsides.

The Challenge

Landslides world-wide cause thousands of deaths and extensive damage to infrastructure. Current systems are technologically limited and expensive – Slope ALARMS offers a revolutionary alternative.


Slope ALARMS detects the early signs of a landslide and raises the alarm so that timely action can be taken to avoid disaster and loss of life.


Field trials are underway across the globe. If you would like to collaborate with us or find out more about Slope ALARMS, please visit our website.

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Opening shot of the "Listening for landslides" film

Slope ALARMS - Listening for landslides